Modern Madness (Deck Tech)

There have recently been a few great additions to the modern madness deck; and with that I am excited to finally play it as one of my primary modern decks.

So let’s begin with the Madness Enablers. These are going to be cards that allow you to trigger madness and get the payoff this deck requires to win.

In the 1 drop slot we have an old faithful; Bomat Courier. This little construct is amazing in this deck. Worst case scenario they waste removal on a 1/1 hasted creature. Best case, this guy gets a couple attacks in, then can blow itself up to trigger madness costs for the cards in your hand. Allowing you to refill your hand as well as sneaking a few cheap spells out there.

Bomat Courier

In the 2 drop slot we have three spells. Furyblade Vampire, which gives itself a boost while letting you trigger a madness card in your hand or ditch an unneeded land. Zombie Infestation allows you to ditch two cards for a 2/2 body, which means no matter what happens to your madness spells you are building your board. Finally, we have Smuggler’s copter. This replaces the card you discard, which means in our deck, you are often just drawing a card which is exactly the type of effect we are looking for. The Copter can also be a way to continue to get use out of a Bomat Courier later into the game.

Furyblade VampireZombie InfestationSmuggler's Copter

In the 3 drop slot we got a gem from Magic 2020. Rotting Regisaur is everything this deck wants. It’s a heavy hitter that gives us another repetitive discard outlet. There is always the chance you will have to pitch something you do not want to it, however, more often than not, because this is on upkeep you can plan for it and it won’t effect you too often.

Rotting Regisaur

And finally, at the top of the curve we have two copies of Hazoret. She can often be a finisher by herself, but she also comes with a discard outlet that will allow us to shock our opponent each turn.

Hazoret the Fervent

So we are discarding all these cards, we should discuss the payoffs. For this section I will be referring to the cards mana costs as their Madness cost. This is because most of these cards are not good if cast for their CMC. That said, if you have three mana and you need to hard cast one of our extra bolt like effects, you’ll do it.

So besides running Bolt, we have Fiery Temper which gives us another 4 bolts and Alms of the Vein, which gives us a 6 point swing.

Lightning BoltFiery TemperAlms of the Vein

For 2 mana we are going to get Bloodmad Vampire which can become a real problem real quick if it is not dealt with.

Bloodmad Vampire

The best payoff we get is in Incorrigible Youths. For 3 mana we get a 4/3 with haste. One important thing to remember with this card is that if you discard it with Furyblade Vampire at the start of combat, you can still declare it as an attacker that combat. This is a great way to mess up blocks and combat.

Incorrigible Youths

So there you have it, this is the main deck! In play testing this deck can kill as early as turn 3, it consistently kills by turn 5. It is a lot of fun to pilot as it gives many different play avenues.

For the lands and side board options I went with please check out the full deck list here.

What do you think? Are you ready to go mad?

Please leave feedback either here or on my other social media account!


Author: OsoGladiator

Just a nerd from Milwaukee who likes to share his deck ideas and stories. I am always up for feedback or to chat about the posts. You can find me on Twitter, Instagram, TappedOut, MTGO and MTG Arena as @OsoGladiator Good Luck, Have Fun!

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